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Oracle® Communications Converged Application Server Installation Guide
Release 5.1

Part Number E27703-01
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1 Installation Task Overview

This chapter provides a high level description of the process of installing and configuring Oracle Communications Converged Application Server. Subsequent chapters describe the steps in detail.

Installing Converged Application Server is a multi-step process that includes planning the hardware and network setup; installing database software; installing the Converged Application Server software, which includes WebLogic Server, and can include a Java Development Kit (JDK); configuring the Converged Application Server (WebLogic) domain, and other post-installation tasks.

Converged Application Server is built on Oracle WebLogic Server Release 11g Release 1. The procedures for installing Converged Application Server are similar to the procedures for installing WebLogic Server. This document describes information specific to Converged Application Server. For complete system planning information and installation instructions, refer to the WebLogic Server documentation.

Ensuring a Successful Installation

The Converged Application Server installation should be performed by qualified personnel. You must be familiar with Oracle WebLogic Server and the operating system on which you are installing the software. You should be experienced with installing Java-related packages. It is recommended that the installation and configuration of the Oracle or MySQL database be performed by an experienced database administrator.

Follow these guidelines:

Planning the Network and Hardware Setup

Before you can install Converged Application Server, you must gather some information about your system and decide on the directories in which to install the software. You need to know:

Converged Application Server has been tested to run on specific hardware and software platforms. Supported configurations are outlined in detail in Chapter 2, "System Requirements." Unless your installation has been specified differently in cooperation with Oracle, only these configurations are supported.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Converged Application Server, you need to perform the upgrade tasks.

Installable Products

The Converged Application Server installation program installs the following products:

The installation program also allows you to selectively install one or more subcomponents of each of these product offerings. In addition, depending on your operating system platform, the installation program can also install the JRockit or Sun JDK.

Instructions for Installing on Windows Operating Systems

In general, command syntax examples in this document are only provided for the UNIX operating system. If you are installing the Converged Application Server software on the Windows operating system, it is assumed that you are able to translate the UNIX examples to the equivalent commands and directory paths for Windows.