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Oracle® Communications Converged Application Server Installation Guide
Release 5.1

Part Number E27703-01
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7 Applying Software Patches

This chapter describes how to apply software patches. Oracle may occasionally release software patches and updates to address known bugs and limitations in the Oracle Communications Converged Application Server software. To upgrade Converged Application Server, you apply patches using the Apache Ant build tool. Ant is a Java-based tool for automating software build processes. You can learn more about Ant at:

About Software Patches and Updates

The process for applying patches to Converged Application Server is as follows:

  1. The patch, in the form of a JAR file, is provided by Oracle Corporation.

  2. The patch is applied to the original EAR file, which results in a new, patched, EAR. For example, if the original EAR version is 5.1, the version of the new EAR is 5.1_1. A sequence number is always suffixed to make certain each version is unique.

  3. The new EAR file is deployed and the old version is undeployed.

  4. The patched EAR file is deployed.

Applying Patches with Apache Ant

The syntax of the ant command is shown below, and the arguments it takes are described in Table 7-1.

ant [patch | printpatches] -Dsrc= -Ddest= -Dversion= -Dpatchdir= -Dpatchfiles=

Table 7-1 Description of the Arguments for the Ant Build Tool

Argument Description


This target applies a patch.


This target displays the currently applied patches. The information displayed by this option includes:

  • Manifest for the EAR

  • Manifest-Version

  • Bundle-Name

  • Created-By

  • Ant-Version

  • WebLogic-Application-Version

  • Bundle-Vendor

  • Bundle-Version

  • For each JAR contained by the EAR, the class and ID of the patch is displayed.


The EAR file to apply the patch to.


The EAR file that will contain the patch.


The new version for the EAR. Must be different from the original version.


The directory containing the patches. The directory paths are relative or absolute.


The JAR files that contains the patches. Wild cards are supported.

To apply patches using Apache Ant:

  1. After installing the Converged Application Server software, and configuring the domains for your deployment, run the (UNIX) or setDomainEnv.cmd (Windows) command located in MW_home/common/bin to set the environment. You must set the environment for your deployment prior to using ant to apply patches.

  2. Apply the patch using the ant command. For example, to apply a single patch:

    ant patch -Dsrc=original_filename.ear -Ddest=patched_filename.ear -Dversion=5.1.1 -Dpatchdir=directory -Dpatchfiles=filename.jar


    original_filename.ear is the original EAR file to which you are applying the patch.

    patched_filename.ear is the EAR file containing the patch.

    directory is the directory containing the patch.

    filename.jar is the JAR file containing the patch.

    Ant applies the patch to the Converged Application Server EAR file.

  3. Verify that the patch was applied properly using the printpatches option to view information about the applied patches.

    ant printpatches -Dsrc=filename.ear