3.4. Keyboard Tab

You use the Keyboard tab to configure settings for keyboards used with Oracle Virtual Desktop Client.

Table 3.4, “Keyboard Tab” shows the available settings for this tab.

Table 3.4. Keyboard Tab



Host Key

The Host key is used in keyboard shortcuts for Oracle Virtual Desktop Client. For example, you enter Host-Q to quit Oracle Virtual Desktop Client.

The default Host key is the Right Ctrl key.


Some of the available Host Key options might not work on your computer. If the configured Host key does not work, use an alternative Host key.

Keyboard Country Code

Country code for the keyboard on the client computer.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Client automatically detects the keyboard country code from the operating system on the client computer. Specify a value from 0 to 255 if you want to override this.

Table 3.5, “Host Key Combinations” shows the supported keyboard shortcuts when using the Host key.

Table 3.5. Host Key Combinations

Key Combination



Exits from Oracle Virtual Desktop Client.


Toggles between full screen mode and windowed mode.


Displays network settings, such as the IP address of the client computer, and the client ID for Oracle Virtual Desktop Client.


Multi-monitor displays only. Specifies which monitors are used for the display.

n is a number, as follows:

  • 0 - Span display across all monitors

  • 1 - Uses the primary monitor only.

  • 2 - Uses the secondary monitor only.

  • n - (Multihead monitors only). Uses the nth monitor only.