Oracle® Virtual Desktop Client

User Guide for Release 3.1

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April 2012


This manual describes how to use Oracle Virtual Desktop Client to log in to a Sun Ray Software or Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure server and start or reconnect to a desktop session.

Document generated on: 2012-06-12 (revision: 586)

Table of Contents

1. Using Oracle Virtual Desktop Client
1.1. About Oracle Virtual Desktop Client
1.2. Before You Begin
1.3. Connecting to a Server
1.3.1. Auto Discovery of Servers
1.4. Disconnecting From a Session
1.5. Making Configuration Changes During a Session
1.5.1. Using the Toolbar
1.5.2. Using the Menu Bar
1.5.3. Supported In-Session Configuration Settings
2. Oracle Virtual Desktop Client Features
2.1. Using Smart Cards
2.2. Multiple Monitors
2.3. Clipboard Sharing
2.4. Playing and Recording Audio
3. Configuration Settings
3.1. Display Tab
3.2. Advanced Tab
3.3. Network Tab
3.4. Keyboard Tab
3.5. Smart Card Tab
3.6. Audio Tab
4. Running Oracle Virtual Desktop Client From the Command Line
4.1. Using the ovdc Command
4.2. Supported Command Options
4.2.1. Command Line Examples
5. Using Profiles
5.1. About Profiles
5.1.1. Profiles and Log Files
5.2. Creating a New Profile
5.3. Editing a Profile
5.4. Overriding Profile Settings
5.5. Creating New Profiles From the Command Line
5.6. Using Multiple Profiles
6. Troubleshooting Oracle Virtual Desktop Client
6.1. Adjusting the MTU Setting
6.2. Problems When Connecting to a Sun Ray Server
6.3. Improving the Display Quality
6.4. Setting The Display Size For a Desktop Session
6.5. Exiting From a Full-Screen Session
6.6. Using Keyboard Shortcuts
7. Uninstalling Oracle Virtual Desktop Client
7.1. How to Uninstall Oracle Virtual Desktop Client
8. Third-Party Legal Notices
8.1. CryptoLib
8.1.1. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm