5.2. Creating a New Profile

  1. Start Oracle Virtual Desktop Client from the command line, specifying the new profile name.

    For example, to create a new profile called myprofile in the default location, run the following command:

    ovdc --profile myprofile

    To create the profile in a different location, use the full path name with the --profile option.

    The connect screen is displayed.

  2. Configure settings for the new profile.

    Click the Settings link.

    Use the Settings tabs to change settings.

  3. Click the Connect button.

    The configuration settings are saved automatically to a new profile file.

    In this example, the new profile file is called myprofile. If logging is enabled, a corresponding log file myprofile.log is also created in the same directory.

    To use the new profile when you next start Oracle Virtual Desktop Client, use the following command:

    ovdc --profile myprofile --autoconnect