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Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Administration Guide
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1.  Introduction

2.  Status

3.  Configuration

4.  Services


6.  Integration




FC support with Symantec's 'DMP' / Storage Foundation

FC support for Symantec's Storage Foundation 5.1RP2 and greater for the following OS versions

Oracle Solaris Cluster

Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Network File System Plug In for Oracle Solaris Cluster

Oracle Solaris CGeo

Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Plug-in for Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition


Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Provider For Volume Shadow Copy Service Software

Oracle Grid Controller

Sun ZFS Storage Management Plug-In for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Controller

Oracle Grid Controller Sun ZFS Storage Management Plug-In for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Controller

Configure for Oracle Enterprise Manager Monitoring

Unconfigure Oracle Enterprise Manager Monitoring

Oracle Storage Connect

Oracle Virtual Machine Storage Connect Plug-in for the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

VMware Site Recovery Manager

Sun ZFS Storage 7000 Storage Replication Adapter for VMware Site Recovery Manager


Oracle Exadata Database Machine Backup

Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol

Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol

Set the Optimal file record size

Use either ZFS Latency or Throughput write mode for each request



Oracle Exadata Database Machine Backup

When equipped with native QDR InfiniBand and 10Gb Ethernet connectivity options, the ZFS Storage Appliance is ideal for reliably backing up Oracle Exadata. The Oracle Exadata Backup Configuration Utility is provided for deployment using a command-line tool, or your appliance can be configured manually using the instructions in the following sections:

Comprehensive documentation is packaged with the utility, including instructions for how to execute a backup from the Oracle Exadata. Whether manually or using the utility, configuration of networking and storage pools on the appliance is required in addition to either approach.

For detailed information on using your Sun ZFS Storage Appliance as a backup target for Oracle Exadata, see the Protecting Oracle Exadata with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance: Configuration Best Practices white paper on the Sun Unified Storage Documentation page. Also available is a Sun ZFS Storage 7420 cluster, offered pre-racked as the Sun ZFS Backup Appliance to minimize set-up complexity. Integrating this appliance with Oracle Exadata is identical to the process described above.