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Oracle® Fusion Applications Developer's Guide
11g Release 4 (11.1.4)

Part Number E15524-09
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Part IV

Developing Applications with Flexfields

This part of the Developer's Guide discusses how to use descriptive, extensible, and key flexfields to develop Oracle Fusion applications that can be customized by application implementors and administrators without programming.

Getting Started with Flexfields introduces flexfield concepts and features, including the development process, development roles, and how flexfields appear in the user interface.

Using Descriptive Flexfields discusses the descriptive flexfield concepts and features, the development process, how to incorporate descriptive flexfields in user interface (UI) tables, forms, and query panels, and how to use descriptive flexfields with Oracle Business Intelligence, web services, and ADF Desktop Integration.

Using Extensible Flexfields discusses the extensible flexfield concepts and features, the development process, contexts, dedicated tables and views, how to employ extensible flexfields on an application page, how to programmatically access business component information, and how to customize the runtime modeler.

Using Key Flexfields discusses the key flexfield concepts and features, the development process, producer and consumer development activities, how to incorporate key flexfields in UI tables and forms, and how to define and access key flexfield combination filters.

Testing and Deploying Flexfields discusses how to test your flexfield business components using Integrated WebLogic Server, how to deploy your flexfield application to a standalone instance of WebLogic Server to test the full lifecycle, how to regenerate flexfield business components programmatically, and how to make flexfield setup task flows accessible from Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager.

This part contains the following chapters: