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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation and Configuration Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E16814-05
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2 Pre-installation and Pre-deployment Requirements for Oracle BI Applications

This section covers pre-installation and pre-deployment options for Oracle BI Applications.

You should review this information before you begin the installation and deployment process. You should also read the guidelines for setting up Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse and read the database guidelines for the source OLTP databases that you are using.

This section contains the following topics:


2.1 Oracle-Specific Database Guidelines for Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse

Oracle-specific guidelines for Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse:

2.2 Additional Suggestions for Optimizing Oracle Performance in Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse

This section contains additional suggestions for optimizing performance for Oracle databases.

2.3 Creating Custom Indexes in Oracle Fusion Applications Database for Incremental Load Performance

Oracle Fusion Applications database tables contain mandatory LAST_UPDATE_DATE columns, which are used by Oracle BI Applications for capturing incremental data changes. Some Oracle Fusion Applications source tables used by Oracle BI Applications do not have an index on the LAST_UPDATE_DATE column because the presence of the index may impede performance of some application flows or processes for a small set of Fusion Applications implementations. Since LAST_UPDATE_DATE indexes on such tables are used by Oracle BI Applications only, customers should manually create them in their source Fusion Applications environments. Such customizations have been approved by Oracle Fusion Application Development.

To create the index, use the following syntax:



Indexes created with the DDL in this section have the prefix OBIEE_. This prefix does not follow standard Fusion Applications index naming conventions. Therefore, Autopatch might fail during future upgrades. In such cases, the indexes with the OBIEE_ prefix should be dropped and Autopatch restarted. Use FND_STATS to compute statistics on the newly created indexes and update statistics on newly indexed table columns in the Oracle Fusion Applications database.

2.4 Code Page and Data Movement Requirements

Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse can be deployed in various code page environments and supports global deployments. Data movement in the following source database and data warehouse configuration modes are supported:

Oracle BI Applications uses Informatica PowerCenter to perform extract, transform and load (ETL) routines to move data from source database(s) to Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse.

During the installation and configuration procedures described in this chapter, you will configure your environment to enable accurate data movement. Use the guidelines and references noted below to determine values for these settings that are appropriate for your environment: