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Oracle® Fusion Applications Cost Accounting and Receipt Accounting Implementation Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.4)
Part Number E22767-04
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21 Customization and Sandboxes

This chapter contains the following:

Customizing Pages Using Oracle Composer: Highlights

Customizing Pages Using Oracle Composer: Highlights

You can customize dashboards and some work areas, where available, for all or some users based on a selected customization layer, for example only for users in a specific country or with a specific job role. When you select to customize a page from the Administration menu in the global area, you invoke Oracle Composer, which enables the customization. The Administration menu is only available if you have appropriate roles.

From the same menu, you can also:

Customizing pages using Oracle Composer, the Customization Manager, and sandboxes are described in the Oracle Fusion Applications Extensibility Guide.

Editing Pages

Customization Manager


Sandboxes: Highlights

Use a sandbox to commit customizations to a runtime use session for validation before deploying changes to the mainline. Administrators create and manage sandboxes. An active sandbox isolates changes from the mainline and other users.

Sandboxes can contain the following types of customization changes.

Metadata changes are captured in a metadata sandbox. Data security changes are additionally captured in a data security enabled sandbox. Changes to a flexfield are captured in a flexfield that is deployed as a single flexfield sandbox. Once you are ready to make sandbox changes available in the mainline, you either publish the metadata or data security sandbox, or deploy the flexfield. Only metadata and data security sandboxes can be downloaded as a sandbox file for import to another Oracle Fusion Applications instance.

The following table lists the differences among the types of sandboxes.

Type of Changes

Type of Sandbox

Method for Making Changes Available in Mainline




Publish sandbox


Data security

Sandbox enabled for data security changes

Publish sandbox



Flexfield deployed as a flexfield-enabled sandbox

Deploy flexfield


Only one sandbox can be active at a time. Changes made while a sandbox is active are captured in that sandbox.

For more information on using the Sandbox Manager, and customizing and securing pages, business objects, data, and custom objects in a sandbox, see the Oracle Fusion Applications Extensibility Guide.

Managing a Page Customization Sandbox

You can make metadata (MDS) type changes in a sandbox, including menu customizations, changes to the personalization menu, implicit ADF customizations, or changes made with Oracle Composer or CRM Application Composer.

Managing a Data Security Sandbox

You can create a sandbox for data security testing, or designate an existing sandbox to become enabled for data security testing.

Managing a Flexfield Sandbox

You create a flexfield-enabled sandbox by deploying one flexfield to a sandbox using the Manage Flexfield task flow. The flexfield sandbox gets its name from the flexfield you deploy. You cannot test two flexfields in the same sandbox. Once you deploy a flexfield as a sandbox, you must sign out and back in to view how the sandbox runtime reflects the flexfield changes, such as new segments. You can redeploy the same flexfield to the same sandbox repeatedly as you make incremental changes to the flexfield setup.