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Oracle® Fusion Applications Installation Guide for Oracle VM
11g Release 1 (11.1.4)

Part Number E26570-07
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What's New in This Guide for Release 11.1.4

For Release 11.1.4, this guide has been updated in several ways. The following table lists the sections that have been added or changed.

Sections Changes Made

Chapter 2, "Prerequisites for Oracle VM Deployment"


Table 2-1, "Suggested Memory (in GB) and Number of vCPUs"

Information modified to reflect current correct values.

Table 2-2, "Internal BIG IP End Points (HTTP - Non-SSL)"

Information about IDM Domain and IDM Admin added.

Table 2-3, "External BIG IP End Points (HTTPS - SSL enabled)"

Information about IDM Domain added.

Section 2.7, "Create a Database"

Updated information about the currently supported database version.

Section 2.7.1, "Configure spfile on the Database"

Updated procedure for configuring spfile on the database.

Section 2.7.3, "Set Up a Single-Instance Database"

Updated process for setting up a single-instance database.

Section 2.8, "Prepare an Oracle Enterprise Manager Instance"

Altered to reflect the discontinuing of the use of Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Grid Control.

Section 2.9.2, "Three-Host Standalone Oracle Identity Management"

Section revised to reflect using shared Oracle Identity Management

Section 2.13, "Enable Secure Shell (SSH) for Deployer Host"

Added information about enabling secure shell (SSH) for Deployer Host.

Chapter 3, "Deployment of Oracle VM Templates"


Section 3.1.1, "Additional Deployment Properties"

Added information about additional deployment properties, altered information to reflect the use of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control.

Section, "Enable Single Sign-on After Deployment"

Added information to detail how to enable single sign-on after deployment.