This screenshot shows the Run ADDM Page. The options described in this section appear at the top of the page. Below the options is the timeline graph. This timeline graph is similar to other ADDM timeline graphs described in other parts of this documentation, except that instead of clipboard icons below the timeline graph, there are camera icons. The graph has Active Sessions on the vertical axis, with values 0.000, 2.240, and 4.480. The horizontal axis list the hours of March 2nd to March 3rd, starting with 11 PM on March 2nd and ending with 8 PM on March 3rd, in intervals of 2 hours.

The graph charts three categories: Wait, User I/O, and CPU. Of these categories, the highest by a large margin is Wait, with a large hump between the hours 6 and 9 AM. There is also a smaller peak at 7 PM. The category CPU can barely be seen in the graph, and the category User I/O is most prominent (but only going up to a value of 1) between the hours of 6 and 9 AM.

End of description.