This figure illustrates how base user and application-specific attributes are stored within the Oracle Internet Directory DIT. The root node contains two branches. The first branch represents the Oracle Identity Management realm and stores base user attributes, which include the user's status in provisioning-integrated applications, in the following DN: cn=Users, dc=us, dc=MyCompany, dc=com. In the illustration, this DN includes the following entries: cn=user1 and cn=user2. The second branch contains three application containers. the DN for the first container is cn=Application1, cn=Products, cn=OracleContext, the DN for the second container is cn=Application2, cn=Products, cn=OracleContext, and the DN for the third container is cn=Application3, cn=Products, cn=OracleContext. The first and second application DNs contain cn=user properties containers that store application-specific attributes. The cn=user properties container for the first application DN contains a single entry, orclOwnerGUID=user1GUID. The cn=user properties container for the second application DN contains two entries: orclOwnerGUID=user1GUID and orclOwnerGUID=user2GUID. The third application DN contains callout text stating that the application-specific attributes are managed by the Data Access Java Plug-in.