The image shows the following values, buttons, and icons at the top from left to right: Running Instances value, Total value, Active button, Retire button, Shut Down button, Test button, Settings button, and two icons. Below this are the following tabs from left to right: Dashboard, Instances, Faults and Rejected Messages (selected), Unit Tests, and Policies. Below this is the Search section, with fields for Error Message Contains, Fault ID, Name, Fault Time From, Fault Time To, and Composite Instance ID. Search and Reset buttons appear on the right side of the page.

Below this is the Show only recoverable faults checkbox and the Fault Type list. All Faults is selected in this list.

Below this are the Select list, View list, Recovery Actions list, Delete Rejected Messages button, and Recover With Options button. Below this is a table with the following columns: Error Message, Recovery, Fault Time, Rejected Message, Fault Location, and Composite Instance ID.