Oracle Fusion Middleware Tag Reference for Oracle ADF Faces
11g Release 1 (



calendarDropTarget calendar drop target

This tag makes a calendar component a drop target and can be used to declaratively initialize the drop target.


Name Type Supports EL? Description
actions String no Drag and drop actions supported by this target. The actions must be an NMTOKENS from the set of "COPY, "MOVE", "LINK" in any particular order e.g. (actions="COPY LINK MOVE"). If no actions are specified, the default is "COPY".
dropListener javax.faces.el.MethodBinding Only EL A method reference to a callback with the signature method( dropEvent) called when a drop occurs on the component. This callback should check the DropEvent to determine whether it will accept the drop or not. If the callback accepts the drop, it should perform the drop and return the DnDAction it performed-- DnDAction.COPY, DnDAction.MOVE or DnDAction.LINK, otherwise it should return DnDAction.NONE to indicate that the drop was rejected. The target component is automatically redrawn in response to a successful drop.

If the calendarDropTarget is attached to the calendar component, an implicit support for moving of activities is added by the framework. The drop transferable will contain the object of the following flavor: The dropSite for the drop event will be an object of instance:

Please note that currently there is no CalendarDragSource tag and hence the drop target is responsible for moving the activities. Page authors are responsible for handling drop from external data sources in dropListener. This can be done by adding one or more af:dataFlovor tags to the af:calendarDropTarget tag.