24.1 Prerequisites for This Example

To build this example report, you will need access to the data source and the graphics we have provided. You will also need to install an extra table into the database, which contains the pictures for this report.

24.1.1 Access to the data source and installing the Pictures table

To build the example in this chapter, you must have access to the SCOTT sample schema provided with the Oracle Database. If you don't know if you have access to this sample schema, contact your database administrator.

You will also need to ask your database administrator to install the Pictures table by using the provided file called pictures.dmp.

24.1.2 Graphics for the report

Before you build this report, make sure the following images are in the dynamicgraphics directory where the sample report file is located:





Although we have chosen to use TIF files in this example, you can use other graphic file formats, such as GIF, JPEG, and BMP.

Then, update your REPORTS_PATH in the Windows registry to include the directory where these images are located. The REPORTS_PATH is located under the Oracle Home entry in the Windows entry. When you edit the entry, add the full directory path of the location of your images.

On UNIX, you can set REPORTS_PATH in $ORACLE_HOME/bin/reports.sh.