Part I

Building Basic Reports

The chapters in this Part provide steps to build simple reports.

This part contains the following chapters:

A tabular report is the most basic type of report. The output of this report is organized in a multicolumn, multirow format (with rows and columns corresponding to those in the database table).

A mailing label report is displayed in a format suitable for use as address labels on envelopes. You write custom text and embed database values, or text from files, to create the labels. You can print the labels in one or many columns and at any position.

A form letter report is displayed in a format suitable for use in printed forms or letters. Similar to the mailing label report, you can write custom text and embed to it, database values or text from files.

A master-master report (also called a parent-parent report) consists of at least two sets of data that are not directly related. This report contains two or more queries with no links (that is, no parent-child relationships).

A summary report contains a field that summarizes at least one column of the report. This summary can be: total sales, average of a list of commissions, maximum amount found in a series of purchase orders, and so on.