This image shows a combination of Decision Studio screens, with menu screens open, and options selected in order to create the dc/jsp file entry under the dc folder.

Three red elliptical boxes containing instructions are superimposed on the screenshots, and red arrows connect key option selections to describe the stages of the process flow.

Pointing to the dc folder entry, box 1 displays "Right-click on "dc" folder".

Box 2, superimposed on the right-click menu options for "dc", where menu options New and Other... are highlighted, displays "And select "Other..." object type".

An arrow points from the highlighted Other... menu selection to the option Simple> Folder (Folder is highlighted) in a screen with header "New".

From the highlighted Folder menu selection, an arrow points to the button Next> at the foot of the New screen.

From Next>, an arrow points to the Folder name box entry jsp in a screen with header "New Folder".

Box 3, above the New Folder screen, displays "Type "jsp" and hit ENTER or "Finish" button". An arrow from Box 3 also points down to the Folder name box entry jsp in the New Folder screen.