This image shows two boxes, labeled "Text File (in dc > jsp)" and "Database" on the left hand side, and a Decision Center report with a description underneath on the right hand side.

The "Database" box has a header "LOCALIZATION", and the rest of the box shows values for rows in the database table LOCALIZATION under the columns LOCALE, SELECTOR, and MESSAGE. All the LOCALE values are "el", and values under SELECTOR and MESSAGE show the same source and target strings that appear in the "Text File (in dc > jsp)" box.

Connector lines from both left-hand side boxes point to a Oracle Decision Center report on the right-hand side. The report shows localized (Greek) values for the entities Offers, Address, and Customer, and attributes Address.stringExt1 (house) and Address.integerExt1 (street). Under the report is an explanation of which elements appear as localized strings in the report.