B Touch Gestures Used in Oracle BI Mobile

This appendix describes the gestures you can use on your iPad to access the various functionality of Oracle BI Mobile.

Use the touch gestures listed in Table B-1 to work with Oracle BI Mobile.

Table B-1 Gestures Used to Interact with Oracle BI Mobile

Gesture How to Perform What It Does


Tap the screen with a single finger.

This gesture is generally equivalent to a left-click in the desktop version of the application.

Tap on a bar (or other marker) in a graph to display a tooltip (equivalent to hover, in the desktop version) with a button containing the corresponding left-click action.

Tap on a control or item to select it or press it.

Tap and Hold

Tap an area and hold your finger in place.

In a table, pivot table, or trellis, tap and hold to access a list of available options or a tooltip.

In a scorecard, tap and hold on a scorecard diagram node or watchlist table cell to access the context menu.

In a tooltip, if a menu item's text exceeds the width of the context menu, tap and hold the item to view the entire text of the menu option.


Tap twice quickly.

In a view, double-tap to expand the view to fill the entire screen.

In a scorecard, double-tap on a node within a scorecard strategy contribution wheel to re-focus the diagram on that node.

Drag (One-Finger)

Drag one finger.

To pan the entire view, drag one finger.

To pan in a map, drag one finger.

To reposition a tooltip in a graph, drag it. (Note that dragging of tooltips is not allowed in the following graph types: line bar graph, pie graph, pareto graph, scatter graph, bubble graph, radar graph, gauge, funnel graph.)

In a list or menu, drag up or down to scroll.

In a data table, drag up, down, left, or right to scroll.

In a dashboard, drag to scroll.

Drag (Two-Finger)

Drag two fingers.

In a scorecard, to scroll a watchlist, drag two fingers.

To scroll a dropdown list, if a one-finger drag does not work, drag two fingers.


Flick a finger quickly across the screen.

Flick to scroll or pan quickly.


Pinch two fingers together or apart.

In a map, pinch to zoom out or in.

In most scorecard diagrams, pinch to zoom out or in.

In a scorecard strategy contribution wheel, pinch to increase or decrease the number of concentric rings displayed.


Swipe quickly to the right or left.

In a list, swipe on an item to delete it.

Four-Finger Swipe

Swipe up with four fingers to reveal the multitasking bar. Swipe down with four fingers to hide the multitasking bar.

This is a multitasking gesture. This gesture reveals the multitasking bar so that you can move between iPad applications.