What's New in This Guide

This guide has been updated in several ways. The following table lists the sections that have been added or changed.

For a list of known issues (release notes), see the "Known Issues for Oracle SOA Products and Oracle AIA Foundation Pack" at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/docs/soa-aiafp-knownissuesindex-364630.html.

Sections Changes Made February 2013 May 2013 June 2013 July 2013 September 2013 October 2013

Chapter 2 Developing SOA Composite Applications with Oracle SOA Suite


Section 2.1.2, "What Happens When You Create a SOA Application and Project"

Section updated to show that the project name of the SOA composite application is displayed in the tab above the SOA Composite Editor and in the Application Navigator. In releases before 11g R1 (, the project name was displayed as its actual file name of composite.xml file in both of these locations.



Chapter 6 Manipulating XML Data in a BPEL Process


Section 6.7, "Moving and Copying Variables in the Structure Window"

Section added to describe how to move and copy variables in the Structure window.




Chapter 8 Invoking an Asynchronous Web Service from a BPEL Process


Section 8.2.3, "What You May Need to Know About Midprocess Receive Activities Consuming Messages After Timing Out"

Section added to describe how a BPEL process can consume midprocess receive activity messages even after the expiration of a configured timeout on the receive activity, if the exception resulting from the timeout goes unhandled.




Section 8.3, "Routing Callback Messages to the Correct Endpoint when Multiple Receive or Pick Activities Use the Same Partner Link"

Section added to describe how to resolve the routing of callback messages to the correct end point address when multiple receive or pick activities are associated with the same partner link.



Section 8.4, "Managing Idempotence at the Partner Link Operation Level"

Section added to describe how you can define idempotency at the operation level of a partner link.



Section 8.6, "Overriding Security Certificates when Invoking Dynamic Partner Links"

Section added to describe how to specify a keystore recipient alias value to override the security certificate in the WSDL file of the web service.



Section 8.7, "Overriding WSDL Files of Dynamic Partner Links"

Section added to describe how to override the default WSDL file used by dynamic partner links.



Figure 8-10 updated to include the endpointWSDL property.



Chapter 12 Using Fault Handling in a BPEL Process


Section 12.3.3, "How to Add and Propagate Fault Handling in a Synchronous BPEL Process"

Section added to describe how to add a system fault to a synchronous BPEL process.



Section 12.10.6, "What You May Need to Know About the idempotent Property and Fault Handling"

Section added to describe what happens when the idempotent deployment descriptor property is set to false in the composite.xml file and the invocation of a partner link fails.



Section 12.7.3, "How to Roll Back Activities with a bpelx:rollback Extension in a Throw Activity"

Section added to describe how to roll back activities by specifying the bpelx:rollback extension in a throw activity.




Chapter 13 Transaction and Fault Propagation Semantics in BPEL Processes


Table 13-4, "Main Process Calls the Subprocess Asynchronously"

Table updated to describe the behavior when onewayDeliveryPolicy is set to async.cache in environments in which the main process asynchronously calls the subprocess.




Chapter 32 Using Oracle BPM Worklist


Section 32.14, "Java Code for Enabling Customized Applications in Worklist Application"

Java code listing corrected.




Multiple sections

Various graphics corrected.




Chapter 37 Getting Started with Binding Components


Section 37.3, "Creating Tokens for Use in the Binding URLs of External References"

Section added to describe how to create tokens in Oracle JDeveloper for values in the binding URLs of external references. The token values that you assign are substituted in place of the hardcoded HTTP values.



Chapter 38 Integrating Enterprise JavaBeans with SOA Composite Applications


Section 38.6.1, "How to Configure Enterprise JavaBeans Binding Support in the Credential Store Framework"

Section updated to describe how all Enterprise JavaBeans bindings now support using the Credential Store Framework (CSF) to store JNDI user access credentials, and not just service data object (SDO) Enterprise JavaBeans bindings.




Chapter 40 Creating Transformations with the XSLT Mapper


Section 40.3.16, "How to Import a Customization File to Specify Display Preferences in the XSLT Mapper"

Section added to describe how to import a customization file that specifies display preferences in the XSLT Mapper.



Chapter 43 Deploying SOA Composite Applications


Section, "Setting the Composite Instance Name in Oracle Mediator"

Note added indicating that the function setCompositeInstanceTitle cannot be used if Audit Level is set to Off on the SOA Infrastructure Common Properties page in Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control.




Chapter 50 Defining Composite Sensors


Chapter 50, "Defining Composite Sensors"

Chapter updated to describe how to define composite sensors on service components that have subscribed to business events.



Chapter 67 User Messaging Preferences


Chapter 67, "User Messaging Preferences"

Updated this chapter to describe the Popup channels.




Appendix G Oracle BAM ICommand Operations and File Formats


Section G.2.3, "Export"

Description of -dependencies option changed to describe how to export dependent reports.



Example G-22, "Exporting Reports With Associated Dependent Reports"

Example added to show how to export dependent reports.



Appendix H Normalized Message Properties


Section H.3, "Oracle Web Services Addressing Properties"

Section updated to indicate that WS-Addressing headers from incoming SOAP requests are propagated within Oracle SOA Suite through the normalized message properties. However, overriding of WS-Addressing headers in the outbound SOAP message through use of these normalized message properties is not supported.