1 Introduction to Oracle Service Bus

This part tells how to use the Oracle Service Bus plug-ins for Eclipse to configure services and other service bus resources. These are design-time activities that, except where noted, do not require a running Oracle WebLogic Server instance. The Web-based Oracle Service Bus Administration Console, also provided with Oracle Service Bus, provides the same design tools as the Oracle Service Bus plug-ins, and it also provides runtime activities such as monitoring. You need a running Oracle WebLogic Server instance to use the Oracle Service Bus Administration Console.

Oracle Service Bus is a configuration-based, policy-driven enterprise service bus. It provides highly scalable and reliable service-oriented integration, service management, and traditional message brokering across heterogeneous IT environments. It combines intelligent message brokering with routing and transformation of messages, along with service monitoring and administration in a unified software product. For more information, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Concepts and Architecture for Oracle Service Bus.