13 Reference Detail Window

This chapter provides a user interface reference for the Format Builder reference detail window.

A reference is used to indicate that another instance of the field or group format exists in the data. Reference fields or groups have the same format as the original field or group, but you can change the optional setting and the occurrence setting for the reference field or group. For example, if you have a "bill to" address and a "ship to" address in your data, you only need to define the address format once. You can create the "bill to" address definition and create a reference for the "ship to" address.


References are given the same name as the original item. For example, the "bill to" address definition and the "ship to" address definition would be named the same.

Table 13-1 Reference Detail Window – Reference Description

Field Description


Displays the name of the original field or group for which you created this reference. This value cannot be changed.


Select this option if the reference field or group is optional.

Table 13-2 Reference Detail Window – Field Occurrence

Field Description


Choose one of the following to indicate how often this reference field or group appears in the message format:

  • Once — Indicates the reference appears only once.

  • Repeat Delimiter — Indicates the reference will repeat until the specified delimiter is encountered. For more information on delimiters, see Section 19.12, "Character Delimiters".

  • Repeat Field — Indicates that the value of the repeat filed at runtime is the number of times the field will repeat.

  • Repeat Number — Indicates the reference will repeat the specified number of times.

  • Unlimited — Indicates the reference will repeat an unlimited number of times.

Table 13-3 Reference Detail Window – Field Update Buttons

Field Description


Saves your changes to the message format document.

Edit Reference

Displays the detail window for the original item so you can edit the details of the referenced field or group.


Discards your changes to the detail window and resets all fields to the last saved values.


Displays online help information for this detail window.


The Apply and Reset buttons are enabled when changes are made to the components of the detail panel.