1 Introduction

This guide is built up as follows:

1.1 About the Site Studio Technical Reference

This guide provides a broad technical overview of Site Studio and how it creates web sites. It also provides technical information about the project file, markers, tags, service calls, and Idoc Script extensions used by Site Studio. To get the most out of this guide, you should have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and server-side Idoc Script; play the role of webmaster or web developer at your organization; and have coding experience.

Before reading the guide, you should have read the Oracle WebCenter Content User's Guide for Site Studio Designer and Oracle WebCenter Content User's Guide for Site Studio Contributor. You should also have built one or more web sites with Site Studio. The guide will illustrate the scripting syntax used by Site Studio, so that you can build upon the existing framework and customize the product to suit your needs.

1.2 Scope of the Technical Reference

The Technical Reference Guide for Site Studio describes the more technical aspects of site construction, maintenance, and consumption using Oracle Site Studio 11gR1, including information on how to customize Site Studio functionality. While Site Studio 11gR1 supports web sites created with Site Studio 10gR3 and earlier, such web sites are considered legacy web sites. For technical information on legacy sites, see the Technical Reference Guide for Site Studio 10gR3.