23 Oracle Identity Navigator

This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle Identity Navigator. It includes the following topics:

23.1 General Issues and Workarounds

This section describes general issue and workarounds. It includes the following topics:

23.1.1 Avoid Selecting Reset Page in Dashboard Edit Mode

If you select Customize to personalize the Dashboard, then click Reset Page, expect an error message. Reload Oracle Identity Navigator to recover from this error.

23.1.2 How to Navigate Product Registration Using the Keyboard

In the Product Registration section of the Administration screen, after you enter data into all the fields in the right pane, you must enter many Tab strokes to reach the Test, Save, or Cancel button. As a workaround, you can use Shift-Tab to move in the opposite direction.

You cannot use the Tab key alone to navigate the left pane of the Product Registration section. Use the Tab to move focus to the first category, then click the left or right arrow keys to expand and collapse the tree. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the nodes.

23.1.3 How to Navigate Product Discovery When Using the Keyboard

When you use Product Discovery to discover consoles, you enter a Host and Port, then click Next. Then, in the Add Products pane, you enter a Display Name for each of the products. If you want to change the display name, you must delete the entire name to retype it. Alternatively, you can enter the F2 key to switch to insert mode, then use left and right arrow keys to move around the display name characters.

You cannot use the arrow keys alone to navigate through the Category list on the Add Products pane. Inside the editable table, use the F2 key to focus on a field, then use up and down arrows to make a selection within the field.

23.1.4 Color Contrast is Inadequate for Some Labels in Edit Mode

After clicking Customize to change the layout of the Dashboard, some users might find certain labels, such as + Add Content, difficult to read, due to poor contrast.

23.1.5 No Help Topic in Dashboard Edit Mode

If you select Customize to personalize the Dashboard, then click the? icon for Oracle Composer Help, the help page displays Topic Not Found.

See "Personalizing Oracle Identity Navigator" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Identity Navigator for more information about personalizing the Dashboard.

23.1.6 Customization Problem in Internet Explorer 7

If you enter Edit mode by clicking Customize in the global navigation links on the Dashboard in IE7, you will not be able to edit the page because the toolbar is hidden. As a workaround, use a different browser. If you use Internet Explorer 8, do not use compatibility mode.

23.1.7 Discovery Problem in Internet Explorer 7

Intermittently, when you use product discovery in Internet Explorer 7, buttons might disappear in the product discovery wizard. Refresh the browser to correct this problem.

23.1.8 How to Navigate BI Publisher Configuration When Using the Keyboard

When you use keyboard navigation to configure BI Publisher, when the Component Path dialogue box opens, use the Tab key along with the arrow keys to navigate in tree structure.

23.1.9 User Missing From Common Admin Role Search Results

The last user assigned the Application Configuration role may not appear in the Common Admin Roles search results list. This can occur if a search for Common Admin Roles is performed in the Access Privileges page immediately after assigning this role.

To workaround this issue, click another role type in the Role Name pane, then click Application Configuration role. The user last assigned the Application Configuration role displays in the Access Privileges list.

23.1.10 Unable to View Users After Log in Or Log In Fails In Oracle Identity Manager Environment

This issue can affect environments configured to use both Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Identity Navigator. After log in to Oracle Identity Navigator using the bootstrap administrator credentials, users may not be visible in Access Privileges page. Or the log in attempt will fail. Issue is caused if the identity store entry in jps-config.xml is changed from the default value, <serviceInstanceRef ref="idstore.ldap"/>, to <serviceInstanceRef ref="idstore.oim"/>.

To verify this entry, check the value in <Extended_Domain_Home>/config/fmwconfig/jps-config.xml as follows:

  1. Search for the jpscontexts section, with the name default, in the file. The section looks like the following:

    <jpsContext name="default">           
                        <serviceInstanceRef ref="credstore"/>
                        <serviceInstanceRef ref="keystore"/>
                        <serviceInstanceRef ref="policystore.xml"/>
                        <serviceInstanceRef ref="audit"/>
                        <serviceInstanceRef ref="idstore.oim"/>
  2. To change the entry, perform steps 1 through 11 as detailed in "Post-Configuration Steps" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Identity and Access Management.

    Oracle Authorization Policy Manager does not need to be installed in your environment to perform this procedure.

23.1.11 Horizontal Scroll-bar Missing in Discovery Wizard

The full URL may not be viewable in the second page of the Discovery Wizard when viewed in a browser window.

To workaround this issue, collapse the left pane to view the full URL.

23.2 Configuration Issues and Workarounds

This section describes configuration issues and their workarounds. It includes the following topics:

23.2.1 No Oracle Icon is Visible in HTML Reports

If you choose HTML as the format type when adding a report from the Dashboard screen, when you view the report, the words An Image appear in the report in place of the Oracle icon.

23.2.2 Problems with Administration Screen When Using JAWS Screen Reader

When you use a screen reader such as JAWS with the Administration screen in accessibility mode, and you bring up the list of combo boxes using the INS+CTRL+C JAWS keystroke, the combo boxes on the screen are listed as:

*Required Category(Required) Combo box

*Required Type(Required) Combo box

With this naming convention, keyboard shortcuts such as C for Category or T for Type do not work. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate to fields within and between the two combo boxes.

23.2.3 SSO-Protected Consoles Must Be Configured by Name and Domain

Sometimes, when you use product discovery to find a console, even if you provide the host by name, the discovered address that fills in contains an IP address instead of the host and domain names.

If the console is protected by SSO, replace the IP address with the host.domain address that is known to SSO. For example, use an address such as http://myhost.mycompany.com:7005/odsm rather than If you do not replace the IP address with the host and domain, single sign-on will not occur. That is, when users attempt to access the console from Oracle Identity Navigator, they will be prompted for their login name and password.

In some browsers, a redirection or connection error occurs.

23.3 Documentation Errata

This section describes documentation errata. It includes the following topic:

23.3.1 IPv4/IPv6 Translation Issues

The following statement appears in the Troubleshooting section in Chapter 2 and in a note in Chapter 3 of Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Identity Navigator:

In a dual-stack, IPv4 and IPv6 environment, some URLs might be inaccessible from your browser. Consult your network administrator for more information.

Actually, in a correctly configured dual-stack environment, all URLs are accessible. For more information about IPv4/IPv6 Translation Issues, see Framework for IPv4/IPv6 Translation draft-ietf-behave-v6v4-framework-09 at: http://www.ietf.org/