33 Oracle WebCenter Application Adapters

This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle WebCenter application adapters. It includes the following topics:

33.1 Configuration Issues and Workarounds

This section describes configuration issues and their workarounds. It includes the following topics:

33.1.1 Managed Attachments Issue Passing Customized Parameters From Oracle E-Business Suite Forms Resolved

The instructions for passing extra metadata values from a business application to Content Server have been expanded for an Oracle E-Business Suite Forms configuration.

Follow the instructions in "Passing Extra Metadata Values From a Business Application to Content Server" in Oracle WebCenter Administrator's Guide for Application Adapters.

In steps 3 and 4 for an Oracle E-Business Suite Forms configuration, access the AXF_COMMAND_PARAMETERS Table and the AXF_MA_PARAMETERS Table for Oracle E-Business Suite Forms, and add entries in the tables for extra parameters to be passed to Content Server. Use the AXF_MA_PARAMETERS table described below to define the information sent for additional parameters. AXF_MA_PARAMETERS Table Description

Table 33-1 Column Description for AXF_MA_PARAMETERS Table

Column Description


Defines a unique ID for the parameter.


Defines a unique ID for the fnd map table. Comes from the AXF_FND_MAP Table (Oracle E-Business Suite Forms).


The name of the parameter to pass, where:

  • application: Specifies the business application, as defined in the AFObjects Table. This name/value pair is passed as a configuration parameter to the Content Server AF_GRANT_ACCESS service and attachments framework search.

  • extraParamName: Extra parameter to be passed as metadata from the business application to Content Server in check-in or scan forms.


Data Source for the parameter value. You can specify Data or Constant.


Data Block of the Form from which the value is fetched


Field Name in the form from which the value is fetched.


Must be set to a value that uniquely identifies the Oracle E-Business Suite instance. AXF_MA_PARAMETERS Table Example Implementation

The AXF_MA_PARAMETERS example that follows displays fields configured for the AfGrantAccess command for the Invoice Entry form.

Table 33-2 Example AXF_MA_PARAMETERS Table









33.1.2 Siebel Entity Identifier Fields (of Format xsiebel<entity>) Should Not Be Treated as Regular Metadata Fields

The Siebel identifier metadata fields (named xsiebel<entity>, as in xsiebelContact and xsiebelAcct) store Siebel entity values used for linking attachments to Siebel entities. Because they are not stored as regular metadata fields, they are not searchable and administrators configuring profiles should not treat them as regular metadata fields. (By default, these identifier fields are not visible to users in WebCenter Content. While users can enter search values into the fields if displayed, matching documents will not be found by the Content Server search engine.)

Note that users can attach documents to entities by entering entity row IDs into the Siebel identifier fields as a comma-separated list. In this case, Managed Attachments stores the values in a separate database table.

33.1.3 Locating Siebel Adapter Siebel SIF Files

The Siebel adapter Siebel SIF files can be found at the following location after an install: