Part III

Using Diameter

This part describes developing applications using Diameter. Diameter is a peer-to-peer protocol that involves delivering attribute-value pairs (AVPs). A Diameter message includes a header and one or more AVPs. The collection of AVPs in each message is determined by the type of Diameter application; the Diameter protocol also allows for extension by adding new commands and AVPs. Diameter enables multiple peers to negotiate their capabilities with one another, and defines rules for session handling and accounting functions.

Oracle WebLogic Server SIP Container includes an implementation of the base Diameter protocol that supports the core functionality and accounting features described in RFC 3588 ( Oracle WebLogic Server SIP Container uses the base Diameter functionality to implement multiple Diameter applications, including the Sh, Rf, and Ro applications described later in this document.

You can also use the base Diameter protocol to implement additional client and server-side Diameter applications. The base Diameter API provides a simple, Servlet-like programming model that enables you to combine Diameter functionality with SIP or HTTP functionality in a converged application.

Part VI contains the following chapters: