This diagram is a graphical representation of the enterprise topology. It includes icons and symbols that represent the hardware load balancer, host computers, firewalls, and other elements of the topology. At a high level, it shows the main tiers of the topology, including:

* The Web Tier or DMZ Public Zone, where the Web servers reside.

* The Application Tier, where the application servers reside, including Oracle WebLogic Server and the upper stack products, such as Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, Oracle BI Publisher and Oracle Essbase Server. For example, in this specific topology, the application tier contains the host computers that are referred to in this guide as APPHOST1 and APPHOST2.

* The Data Tier, where the databases reside. The databases contain customer data and the schemas that are required by the application tier products.

* An Identity Management tier (along the left side of the diagram), which represents the host computers and databases that are required for the LDAP server or other Identity Management components that are required by the topology.

For more information, refer to the descriptions of the topology tiers in the sections that follow the diagram. The instructions in this guide describe how to install and configure the software for this topology.