B Installing the librfc32/librfc64 Library

This appendix describes how to install the librfc32 or librfc64 library.

The SAP JCo software requires the librfc32/librfc64 library, but does not include it. It is included for example with the SAP GUI software. In case this library is not yet installed, this section describes how to download and install it. These steps are only required, if librfc32/librfc64 is not yet installed.

Installing the librfc32/librfc64 Library

Perform the following steps to install the librfc32/librfc64 library:

  1. Connect to SAP Support Portal http://service.sap.com.

  2. Go to SAP support portal.

  3. Go to Software Downloads.

  4. Go to the SAP Software Download Center.

  5. Select Support Packages and Patches.

  6. Select Browse Our Download Catalog.

  7. Select Additional Components.

  8. Download apropriate RFCSDK version (SAP NW RFC SDK, SAP RFC SDK, SAP RFC SDK UNICODE)

  9. Use SAPCAR extractor to extract the content of the downloaded SAR file

  10. For JCo installed on Windows:

    Copy the file librfc[u][32|64].dll located in folder rfcsdk/bin to c:\windows\system32 (exact folder name depends on windows version).

    For JCo installed on Unix:

    Copy the file librfccm[u].so to the folder containing the sapjco3.jar and libsapjco3.so. This directory may need to be addeded to LD_LIBRARY_PATH.