1 Overview of Oracle Data Integrator SAP BW Knowledge Modules

This chapter provides an overview of Oracle Data Integrator SAP BW Knowledge Modules.


The Oracle Data Integrator SAP BW Knowledge Modules provide integration from SAP BW systems using SAP JCo libraries. This set of KMs has the following features:

  • Reads SAP data from SAP BW system

  • Loads this SAP data into Oracle / non-Oracle Staging Area

  • Reverse-engineers metadata of warehouse and proposes a tree browser to pick up only the required metadata

This adapter includes two knowledge modules:

  • RKM SAP BW: Its main role is to perform customized reverse-engineering of SAP BW data targets into ODI datastores (Models). The SAP BW RKM is in charge of connecting to the SAP BW System, which provides the SAP BW data target's metadata information, and transforming and writing the resulting metadata into Oracle Data Integrator's repository.

  • The LKM SAP BW to Oracle (SQLLDR)/LKM SAP BW to SQL connects to SAP BW and retrieves data targets defined in the SAP Model. It is used in the interfaces. The LKM is in charge of loading source data from a SAP BW System to an Oracle/non-Oracle staging area.