4 Creating a New Project

This chapter describes how to create a new Project for SAP.

In order to work with the data servers you have created, you must create a project and import the appropriate knowledge modules for reverse-engineering the data structures and integrating the data.

Creating a New Project

To create a new Project for SAP BW:

  1. Connect to Designer.

  2. In the Projects tree view click Insert Project.

  3. In the Definition tab, enter SAP BW Demo for the Project name.

  4. Click OK to save your project.

  5. Expand the SAP Demo Project, select the First Folder node.

  6. Rename this folder to SDE_BW_DataTargets.

  7. Right-click the SAP Demo Project in the Projects tree view.

  8. Right-click and select Import Knowledge Modules.

  9. Select in the File import directory the directory containing your BW KMs. By default, they are located in the ../impexp directory.

  10. Select the following KMs:

    • IKM Oracle Incremental Update

    • LKM SAP BW to Oracle (SQLLDR)

    • LKM SAP BW to SQL

    • RKM SAP BW

    • RKM SAP ERP Connection Test

  11. Click OK to perform the import.