14 Migrating Actual Domain Value Map and Cross-Reference Data

This chapter describes how to migrate the actual Domain Value Map and Cross-Reference data.

Migrating domain value maps (DVMs) and cross-references is a two-step process. Migration involves migrating both actual data and metadata. The DVMs have static data, as well as metadata. For cross-references, the data is dynamic and is stored in a database.This chapter includes the following sections:

If you are migrating actual DVM and cross-reference data, or if you have extended or customized cross-reference and DVMs, follow the procedures in this chapter to migrate this data.

For information about how to migrate DVM and cross-reference metadata, see Chapter 6, "Migrating Domain Value Map and Cross-Reference Metadata."

14.1 Migrating Cross-Reference Data

For cross-references in AIA Foundation Pack 11g Release 1, the schema has changed. The migration of cross-reference data should be performed using the Oracle SOA Suite Command-Line Upgrade Tool, which is provided as a part of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Release 1.

For more information, see "Using the Oracle SOA Suite Command-Line Upgrade Tool" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Upgrade Guide for Oracle SOA Suite, WebCenter, and ADF.


Prior to executing an insert, identify the number of rows that will be inserted by running the select statement with the same selection criteria (where clause).

Inserting a very large number of rows (several hundreds of thousands to millions) using a single request could warrant database tuning, which might require the completion of tasks such as sufficient allocation of Oracle rollback segments.

Consult your database administrator for further help in this area.

Another option would be to fine-tune the selection criteria, thereby resulting in a smaller set of records to be processed in one request.

14.2 Migrating Extended DVM Data

If you have customized delivered DVM data to include additional values, follow these steps to migrate the data.

  1. Add DVM data to the existing DVMs shipped in the physical location <AIA_HOME>AIAMetaData/dvm/<DVM>. In other words, edit the shipped 11g Release 1 DVMs to include the customizations to the 2.4 or 2.5 DVMs.

  2. Update the <AIA_HOME>/aia_instances/<INSTANCE_NAME>/config/UpdateMetadataDP.xml with the respective DVM entry to update the Oracle Metadata Services (MDS) repository with actual values.