9 Migrating Routing Rules

This chapter discusses how to migrate your custom routing rules for Oracle-delivered Enterprise Business Services (EBSs).

If you have developed custom routing rules, then you need to manually migrate these filter expressions.

When upgrading Oracle Enterprise Service Bus projects, each routing rule is upgraded into case, and the filter expression is converted to condition. These changes can be found in the .mplan file of the Routing Service.

AIA recommends that you re-create the routing rules using Oracle JDeveloper.

To re-create routing rules:

  1. Open Oracle JDeveloper and import the Mediator project into the application.

  2. Open the .mplan file from Oracle JDeveloper.

  3. Select the operation where you want to add the routing rule.

  4. Select the + symbol and create the static routing rule.

  5. Redeploy the EBS project.