5 Understanding Folders

This chapter describes folders and how they are used by Oracle WebCenter Content to organize and aid in retrieving documents.

This chapter contains the following sections:

5.1 About Folders

Folders in Oracle WebCenter Content are used to organize documents. By using folders to organize content, you can:

  • Find content quickly by browsing the folder structure.

  • Create a query folder to organize content associated by search criteria.

5.2 Browsing the Folder Hierarchy

When you expand the Browse Content tray, several folder options are available and are listed in Table 5-1. If the contribution folder option has been enabled, then virtual folders can be created and used to help organize content.

Table 5-1 Folder Options

Name Description

Library Folders

Library folders are not organizational folders in the traditional sense. Instead they refer to web pages predefined by your system administrator.

Contribution Folders

Contribution folders are virtual folders that organize content. These are not available by default and must be enabled by your system administrator.

Query Folders

Query folders are virtual folders that function much like a saved search; each time you access the folder, you initiate the query associated with the folder. The contents of a query folder are the content items returned by the query. The contents of query folders can change dynamically as the contents of the repository change.

5.3 Understanding Folder Security

Security can be set at library and folder levels as well as the document level. Security is inherited from the containing library unless it is set independently.


It is possible that you can have rights set to a folder in a library or containing folder that you do not have access to. In this case, you can find the folder by searching but not by browsing. You cannot browse to the library or folder it is in because you do not have rights to do so. Once you have found the folder, mark it as a favorite or create a shortcut in a folder to which you do have access in order to find the document quickly.