The Properties section of the interface diagram tab is shown. At the top of the section, text reads "Join between T005U (1 - T005U (T005U Taxes: Region Key)) and T005T (2 - T005T (Too5T Country Names))". The Active Clause check box is checked. The Implementation tab is selected, showing a text area with the following code: (T005T.SPRAS=T005U.SPRAS) AND T005T.LAND1=T005U.LAND1. In the Execute on: section, Source is selected and Staging Area is deselected. A lower area of the panel displays a graphic representation of the two objects with an inner join. At the bottom left of the panel, the check box "Ordered Join (ISO)" is checked. In the bottom center, the Order Number field has the value "10". On the bottom right is a button labeled Compute Datastores.