What's New in This Guide for Release

For Release, this guide has been updated in several ways. The following table lists the sections that have been added or changed.


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For changes made to Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) for this release, see the New Features page on the Oracle Technology Network at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jdev/documentation/index.html.

Sections Changes Made

Chapter 7, "Defining Validation and Business Rules Declaratively"


Section 7.3.5, "What You May Need to Know About List of Values and Attribute Validation Rules"

Section added to describe limitation of attribute validation rules that are defined on List of Values (LOV) data source attributes.

Chapter 11, "Integrating Service-Enabled Application Modules"


Section 11.2.3, "What You May Need to Know About Method Signatures on the Service Interface"

Section revised to note that the ADF Business Components service interface does not support the Java Map collection as a return type for a collection of objects.

Chapter 18, "Creating Complex Task Flows"


Section 18.3, "Sharing Data Controls Between Task Flows"

Section revised and information consolidated about sharing data control instances between task flows.

Chapter 22, Creating a Basic Databound Page


Section 22.7.4, "What You May Need to Know About Converters for Dynamic Forms"

Section added to describe using an alternate format string for a converter in a dynamic form.

Chapter 23, Creating ADF Databound Tables


Section 23.5.1, "How to Add Multiselect Capabilities"

Section revised to note a new feature in CollectionModel that enables you to get row data without changing currency.

Chapter 24, Displaying Master-Detail Data


Section 24.6.1, "How to Use Selection Events with Trees and Tables"

Section revised to note a new feature in TreeModel that enables you to get row data without changing currency.

Chapter 26, Creating Databound ADF Data Visualization Components


Section 26.7, "Creating Databound Timelines"

Section added describing how to create and configure timelines using ADF data controls.

Section 26.9, "Creating Databound Treemaps and Sunbursts"

Section added describing how to create and configure treemaps and sunbursts using ADF data controls.

Chapter 27, "Creating ADF Databound Search Forms"


Section 27.1, "Introduction to Creating Search Forms"

Revised section to describe the runQueryAutomatically property that controls whether a query runs automatically and its effect on the Create Saved Search dialog.

Section 27.3.3, "How to Set Timezone Control Hint for Timestamp Attribute"

Section added describing how to set a timezone control hint for a timestamp attribute in a search form.

Chapter 30, "Enabling ADF Security in a Fusion Web Application"


Section 30.7, "Creating a Login Page"

Section revised to clarify how the procedure to create a login page programmatically uses Oracle WebLogic Server-specific API for Basic authentication. Consequently, there is no need to configure the web.xml file for the ADF authentication servlet to redirect to a landing page upon login.

Section, "Creating Login Code for the Backing Bean"

Section revised to update the login bean sample to use the Oracle WebLogic Server API method URLCallbackHandler() instead of the now deprecated SimpleCallbackHandler() method. Also updated the Before You Begin prerequisite tasks to import the required Oracle WebLogic Server library.

Chapter 36, "Deploying Fusion Web Applications"


Section, "Enabling the Application for Real User Experience Insight"

Section revised to describe how to enable End User Monitoring in the Fusion web application when there is an EndUserMonitoringService service provider available.

Chapter 38, Advanced Entity Object Techniques


Section 38.3, "Using Update Batching"

Section revised to clarify the limitation of using update batching in entity objects that contain large size object attributes.

Chapter 39, Advanced View Object Techniques


Section 39.5.4, "Performing In-Memory Filtering with RowMatch"

Section revised to describe IN and NOT IN usage among the list of SQL operators.

Chapter 41, "Tuning Application Module Pools and Connection Pools"


Section 41.1.2, "Understanding Application Module and Connection Pools"

Section revised to clarify the relationship between application module pools and Oracle WebLogic Server domains.

Chapter 42, "Using Active Data Service"


Section 42.2.1, "How to Configure the Active Data Service"

Section revised to remove requirement that end users of applications with Active Data Service (ADS) configured must disable the popup blockers in their web browser. This limitation no longer exists and ADS now functions with most popup blockers enabled.

All Chapters

Replaced images of the Fusion Order Demo sample application that appear throughout the guide with images that reflect the new default UI skin.