This image shows the Page Properties dialog that was opened from a Home space page. The header contains an icon labeled, "Page Properties," and Help and Close icons. The dialog has three tabs: Display Options, Security, and Parameters. The Security tab is forward. At the top of the Security tab are the controls Add Access and Delete Access. Below these are the controls Add Authenticated Access and Add Public Access. These are followed by a two-column table, with column headings Role or User and Page Access. The Page Access column is subdivided into five columns, each headed with an icon, View Page (glasses), Edit Page (wrench), Delete Page (ex), Perform All Page Actions (cascade of pages topped with wrench), Personalize Page (pencil). The table shows one row. The first column has the entry, "weblogic"; the second column shows five check boxes, with the fourth one, Perform All Page Actions, checked. At the bottom of the dialog are OK and Cancel buttons.