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Sun ZFS Storage 7120, 7320, and 7420 Appliance Installation Guide
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Document Information


1.  Introduction

2.  Installation

3.  Cabling

4.  Powering On and Configuring the System


Powering On and Configuring the Appliance


Connecting to ILOM


Power Tasks

Next Steps


Initial Configuration




Configuring Management Port


Performing Initial Configuration with the CLI


Post-Installation Controller Update



Post-Installation Controller Update

Maintaining controller software in advance of putting your appliance into production enables you to reap the greatest benefits of recent software enhancements. In many cases, a simple software update will resolve an issue observed in testing or provide you with new enhancements that improve productivity. Update storage controllers to the latest software and associated firmware using the following process.

  1. Ensure that any resilvering operations have completed by checking the Configuration > Storage screen.

  2. Ensure that there are no active problems on the Maintenance > Problems screen.

  3. Verify that hardware firmware updates are not in progress on the Maintenance > System screen.

  4. Read the Release Notes associated with the software update and address any release-specific prerequisites.

  5. Click the "Sign In" link at

    The Oracle Single Sign-On screen appears.

  6. Log in using your Oracle account credentials.

  7. Download the desired software update.

    The file is downloaded locally.

  8. Unzip the downloaded file using an archive manager or by issuing the unzip command.

    The file is expanded into the All_Supported_Platforms directory.

  9. To upload and apply the update, use the Updating via the BUI or Updating via the CLI procedures in the Maintenance > System online help page.