OracleŽ Fusion Middleware Helpset for Oracle Enterprise Repository
11g Release 1 (
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Create a Project

Projects provide a way to track asset production and consumption. Users must be assigned to at least one project in order to download and use assets.

This procedure is performed in the Oracle Enterprise Repository Projects screen.

  1. Click Create New in the Projects sidebar. The Create New Project dialog is displayed.
  2. Enter the appropriate information in the Name, Description, and Estimated Development Hours text boxes.
  3. Click the ... button to open the calendar to select a Start Date.
  4. Select a department from the Department list.
  5. Select the appropriate status in the Status list.
  6. If necesssary, select Automatically Assign New Users.
  7. Click Edit in the Users section. The Add / Remove Users dialog is displayed.
  8. Use Search or List All Users to display a list of users in the Search Results section of the dialog. If necessary, use the Department list to filter search results.
  9. Use the >> and << buttons to move users between the Search Results, Project Leaders, and Selected Users sections.
  10. Click OK. The assigned Project Leaders and Project Members appear in the Users section of the Create New Project dialog.
  11. Click Save. The Create New Project dialog closes, and the new project detail appears in the Projects screen.

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