OracleŽ Fusion Middleware Helpset for Oracle Enterprise Repository
11g Release 1 (
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Reassign Users / Usage

This procedure is preformed in the Oracle Enterprise Repository Projects screen.

  1. Select the Users tab in the project detail.
  2. Click the Reassign Users / Usage button. The Reassign dialog is displayed.
  3. Use the radio buttons to select the appropriate action.
  4. Click Choose a New Project in the Select Project section. The Search for a Project dialog is displayed.
  5. Use Search or List All to display a list of projects.
  6. Select the project to which the users and/or usages are to be reassigned.
  7. Click Next. The Select users you wish to reassign dialog is displayed.
  8. Use the >> and << buttons to reassign users as Project Leaders and/or Project Members.
  9. Click Next. A confirmation message appears.
  10. Click Done.

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