OracleŽ Fusion Middleware Helpset for Oracle Enterprise Repository
11g Release 1 (
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Standard Asset Submission

This procedure is performed on the Oracle Enterprise Repository Assets screen.

  1. Click Submit an Asset in the sidebar. The Asset Submission dialog is displayed.
  2. Select the appropriate Type template to apply to the asset from the list in the Overview section.
  3. Enter the appropriate information in the Name, Version, and Description text boxes in the Overview section. (Required)
  4. Enter the appropriate information in the Comments section. (Optional)
  5. As necessary, designate the project that produced the asset by using the >> and << buttons to move the appropriate item from the Available Projects to the Selected Projects columns.
  6. Enter the URL of the file containing the asset to be submitted in the File's Location URL text box in the File Information section. You can disable this requirement by entering cmee.submission.file.required.enable into the Admin System Settings Search box and set the value to False and click Save.
  7. Click the Test button to validate that the file location URL is correct.
  8. When finished, click Submit. The Asset Submission confirmation dialog is displayed, confirming that the asset has entered the asset registration queue.

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