OracleŽ Fusion Middleware Helpset for Oracle Enterprise Repository
11g Release 1 (
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User Role Descriptions

Oracle Enterprise Repository users are defined by roles. Roles are managed on the Admin screen, as are the Access Settings that apply to each role. Access to the Admin screen is restricted to those with the appropriate permission.

The default roles shipped with Oracle Enterprise Repository are described below.


Anyone with an Oracle Enterprise Repository user name and password is considered to be a user. This role can be assigned as the default role for any new users at the time the user is created. All Oracle Enterprise Repository users can:

Access Administrator

The Access Administrator creates all Oracle Enterprise Repository users and assigns users permissions. The Access Administrator must be familiar with the functions of the Admin screen. Access Administrators can:

Advanced Submitter

The Advanced Submitter role is typically assigned to asset builders and harvesters.

Advanced Submitters can:


The Registrar is the single point of acceptance or rejection for any asset. The Registrar role may be assigned to multiple people. Registrars can:

Registrar Administrator

The Registrar Administrator creates and manages asset types and compliance templates within Oracle Enterprise Repository, using the Type Manager. Registrar Administrators can:

Project Administrator

Project Administrators create projects and assign users and assets to projects via the Projects screen, which is visible only to users with the appropriate permission. Project Administrators can also close projects, indicate which assets were deployed, and review, validate, and optionally override the predicted, consumer-reported value of assets used in a project through the project-reported asset value user interface. Project Administrators can:

System Administrator

The System Administrator configures Oracle Enterprise Repository for use, including, possibly, installation as well as the post-installation configurations. The System Administrator typically can:

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