OracleŽ Fusion Middleware Helpset for Oracle Enterprise Repository
11g Release 1 (
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Working with Elements

A variety of Elements can be added to Tabs to accommodate the management and presentation of asset metadata. Some of these Elements are single-use, that is, they are used only once in an asset type. Once assigned, single-use elements no longer appear in the list of available elements. The various Elements are described below.

To add an Element to a Tab:

  1. In the Type Manager, under Tabs, select a tab to work with.
  2. In the Elements box, click Add.
  3. When prompted, choose an element:

  4. Multiple use elements:
    Single use elements (the element names shown reflect the element labels that appear in the Asset Editor):
  5. After selecting a data element type, enter a name for the element and any type-specific information in the pop-up window.
  6. When finished, from the File menu, select Save.

For more information please consult the Oracle Fusion Middleware User Guide for Oracle Enterprise Repository.

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