PeopleCode Language Reference Preface

This preface provides an overview of the PeopleCode language and discusses the uses of this book.

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PeopleCode is the proprietary language used in the development of Oracle's PeopleSoft applications. This PeopleBook covers the language elements of PeopleCode, such as the built-in functions, meta-SQL, system variables, and so on. Its chapters contain reference material for the PeopleCode language.

There are two accompanying books, the PeopleCode API Reference and the PeopleCode Developer's Guide. The PeopleCode API Reference contains information about the classes delivered with Oracle's PeopleTools—for example, all the methods and properties of the rowset class, the field class, and so on. Its chapters describe the syntax and fundamental elements of this part of the PeopleCode language. The PeopleCode Developer's Guide contains conceptual information about the PeopleCode language, the PeopleCode APIs, the component processor, and so on.

PeopleBooks and the Online PeopleSoft Library contains general product line information, such as related documentation, common page elements, and typographical conventions.

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Throughout this book, we use typographical conventions to distinguish between different elements of the PeopleCode language, such as bold to indicate function names, italics for arguments, and so on.

Please take a moment to review the following typographical cues:

Font Type


monospace font

Indicates a PeopleCode program or other example


In PeopleCode syntax, items in keyword font indicate function names, method names, language constructs, and PeopleCode reserved words that must be included literally in the function call.


In PeopleCode syntax, items in variable font are placeholders for arguments that your program must supply.


In PeopleCode syntax, ellipses indicate that the preceding item or series can be repeated any number of times.


In PeopleCode syntax, when there is a choice between two options, the options are enclosed in curly braces and separated by a pipe.

[ ]

In PeopleCode syntax optional items are enclosed in square brackets.


In PeopleCode syntax an ampersand before a parameter indicates that the parameter is an already instantiated object.

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A companion PeopleBook called PeopleBooks and the PeopleSoft Online Library contains general information, including:

You can find PeopleBooks and the PeopleSoft Online Library in the online PeopleBooks Library for your PeopleTools release.