Site Capture 1.1
Release Notes


 February 3, 2012

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Welcome to the release notes for Site Capture v1.1. For the latest release notes, check the FatWire e-docs web site. The release notes contain descriptions of new features, changes in functionality, known problems, and other last-minute information about Site Capture 1.1.

For additional information, contact FatWire technical support.

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Getting Started

What is new in Site Capture 1.1

Installation Notes

Known Issues in Site Capture 1.1

Contacting FatWire 

  Getting Started

The Site Capture 1.1 document set provides documentation for different kinds of users. Updates to product documentation, as they are made, are posted to the following URL: Check the site regularly for the latest set.


What is new in Site Capture 1.1

FatWire Site Capture provides the capability to capture a snap shot of Content Server rendered websites for static delivery and archival purposes. This new release offers advanced crawl capabilities, ease of management and improved reporting through a new admin interface.


Advanced Crawl Capabilities


         Enables crawling websites with dynamic URLs

         Integration of resource re-writer with archival process.

         Supports of multiple start uri's and preview for multiple sites in one crawl session.

         Integration of archival process with RealTime publishing process.

         Clustering support

New Admin Interface


WEM based admin interface which integrates with the FatWire suite of products. Enables admin user to:


         Create and manage crawl sessions

         Configure archival crawl schedules

         Configure URL start points, depth of crawl and define reg-ex based URL patterns

         View session status, logs and reports for archival jobs.

         View and download URL crawl reports with HTTP status for validation

         Preview and download the crawled content

Note: Any content a site relies on externally for proper rendering should be reachable by the crawler. Site content that points to external sites and is not specified in crawler configuration will not be downloaded.





 Installation Notes

General Notes

See the SPD on FatWire e-docs web site for the list of J2EE components (web servers, application servers, DBMSs, JDBC drivers, etc.) that Site Capture 1.1 supports. You should also check with FatWire Support to see if there are any known issues with the configuration you wish to use.

(26124, 26563, 26098) Site Capture application needs to run on context root. This is required to enable the preview functionality to render pages inside the archive which may have any context root. The application needs to be deployed on its own application server.

Windows install will fail if there is a space in the path to the Site Capture install directory

If your installation of Site Capture fails, take the following steps before rerunning the installation:

         Drop the database tables

         Un-deploy the .war file

         Delete the Site Capture installation folder

         Restart the application/web servers





Known Issues / Limitations in Site Capture 1.1

(26113) User cannot see status of Static Capture from the application UI.


For Static Capture, the status messages are shown in the crawler.log file.


(26136) Download Archives action may timeout if the archive size is large.


(26143) Multiple Jobs and Archives get created if schedules overlap for the same crawler.


It is recommended to create only one schedule for each crawler to avoid creation of duplicate jobs and archives.


(26286) User is able to preview external links that are not part of the archive.

When previewing the crawled site in the AdminUI there is no indication when an external link is being viewed (e.g. if your download archive has a link to an external site, clicking on that link in preview mode will redirect to the external site).


(26492) Archive failure is not captured if the start URI is configured incorrectly.

In some cases, when install is on Solaris, if the start URI is not configured correctly, errors will be reported as HTTP instead of network errors. Ensure that the start URI is configured correctly.

(26517) Unable to run Site Capture as a WEM application on https.

This is currently a WEM limitation. Please refer to CS 76 p2 WEM release notes .






Contacting FatWire 

To contact FatWire Corporation about technical support for your product:




      Site Capture 1.1
Release Notes


  February 3, 2012

Copyright 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.