Generates the navigation descriptors of the ENEQuery for a selected ancestor.

Namespace: Endeca.Navigation
Assembly: Endeca.Navigation (in Endeca.Navigation.dll) Version: (


public static DimValIdList SelectAncestor(
	Navigation n,
	DimVal ancestor,
	DimVal descriptor
Visual Basic
Public Shared Function SelectAncestor ( _
	n As Navigation, _
	ancestor As DimVal, _
	descriptor As DimVal _
) As DimValIdList
Visual C++
static DimValIdList^ SelectAncestor(
	Navigation^ n, 
	DimVal^ ancestor, 
	DimVal^ descriptor


Type: Endeca.Navigation..::..Navigation
The current Navigation object.
Type: Endeca.Navigation..::..DimVal
The ancestor (a DimVal object) which will be used to generate new navigation values.
Type: Endeca.Navigation..::..DimVal
The descriptor (a DimVal object) which will be replaced with its ancestor.

Return Value

A DimValIdList object containing the IDs of the new navigation query descriptors after the current navigation descriptor is replaced with its ancestor.


This method replaces the specified navigation descriptor (the descriptor parameter) with the ancestor dimension value (the ancestor parameter), and generates a new set of navigation values for the ENEQuery. The order of the descriptors remains the same as the order in the current Navigation object. However, the specified ancestor is substituted for the specified descriptor.

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