Public classFailedLoginException
Public classLoginException
Public classLoginManager
Public classPasswordRequest
A simple password credential requestor. This may be used with the LoginManager string array constructor.
Public classSimpleCredentialRequest
The base class of credential requests that are settable with a String value. All credential requests that are to be used from the LoginManager string array constructor should extend this class.
Public classStaticCredentialRequestHandler
A simple request handler that uses a username and password
Public classUnsupportedCredentialException
Public classUsernameRequest


Public interfaceIAuthCredentialRequest
Base interface for authentication information requests.
Public interfaceIAuthCredentialRequestHandler
Interface implemented by clients of the ILoginManager interface to provide authentication credentials
Public interfaceIENEUser
Interface of the user object
Public interfaceILoginManager
Public interfaceILoginModule
LoginModule Interface - implemented by authentication and authorization providers.