The ESearchReport type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAutoSuggestions
Returns the list of automatic spelling corrections and/or alternative phrasing suggestions made by the Endeca MDEX Engine.
Public propertyDYMSuggestions
Returns the list of "Did You Mean" suggestions made by the MDEX Engine
Public propertyErrorMessage
Returns the MDEX Engine's error message if the search was not valid.
Public propertyKey
Gets the name of the Endeca Dimension or Property key used in the search.
Public propertyMatchedMode
Returns the matched search mode that was selected by the MDEX Engine.
Public propertyNumMatchedTerms
Returns the number of search terms that were sucessfully matched when the search was performed.
Public propertyNumMatchingResults
Returns the number of records that matched the search.
Public propertySearchMode
Gets the requested search mode used in the search.
Public propertyTerms
Gets the terms specified in the search.
Public propertyTruncatedTerms
Returns a set of search terms after truncation.
Public propertyWordInterps
Returns the word interpretations for the record search.

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