List containing DimLocation objects exposed as an IList.

Namespace: Endeca.Navigation
Assembly: Endeca.Navigation (in Endeca.Navigation.dll) Version: (


public class DimLocationList : IList, 
	ICollection, IEnumerable
Visual Basic
Public Class DimLocationList _
	Implements IList, ICollection, IEnumerable
Visual C++
public ref class DimLocationList : IList, 
	ICollection, IEnumerable


Unlike AssocDimLocations objects, the DimLocation objects in a DimLocationList can be from different dimensions. Therefore, the contents of a DimLocationList often contain values from different dimensions. As such, the intended use of this class is to return results from a compound dimension search. Each individual compound dimension search result is a DimLocationList and typically contains dimension values from multiple dimensions.

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