Provides a connection to an Endeca MDEX Engine over HTTP. Also provides a mechanism for issuing queries to the MDEX Engine.

Namespace: Endeca.Navigation
Assembly: Endeca.Navigation (in Endeca.Navigation.dll) Version: (


public class HttpENEConnection : IENEConnection
Visual Basic
<SerializableAttribute> _
Public Class HttpENEConnection _
	Implements IENEConnection
Visual C++
public ref class HttpENEConnection : IENEConnection


The HttpENEConnection is currently the only implementation of the IENEConnection interface.

This connection is a repository for hostname and port configuration parameters for HTTP connections to an Endeca MDEX Engine. The connection does not open a persistant connection to the MDEX Engine. The instantiation of this connection does not initiate an HTTP socket connection. Instead each issuance of the Query(ENEQuery) method opens a HTTP socket connection(s), makes the requests, and closes the connection(s).


An example usage of the HttpENEConnection in C# and ASP.NET:
IENEConnection nec = new HttpENEConnection("", 5001);
ENEQuery usq = new UrlENEQuery(Page.Request.Url.Query);
ENEQueryResults qr = nec.Query(usq);

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