A generic toolkit for manipulating and generating URL query strings.

Namespace: Endeca.Navigation
Assembly: Endeca.Navigation (in Endeca.Navigation.dll) Version: (


public class UrlGen
Visual Basic
Public Class UrlGen
Visual C++
public ref class UrlGen


The intended use of UrlGen was for the management of state and query parameters when dealing with UrlENEQuery objects.

UrlGen takes either a query string in a constructor as the base query to work with or none which indicates that it begins with an empty base. The ToString()()()() method called immediately after the constructor will return the original input URL or none if none was specified.

The remove params and add parameters are evaluated in order. That is removes placed after an add may delete the parameter you just added.

This toolkit attempts to preserve whatever input URL parameters are input to the system as long as they follow the structure of an & delimited, x-www-form-urlencoded parameter value pairs. In the case of multiple parameters with the same name, the multiple pairs will be preserved on output, however, a remove, or add with the same name will remove or overwrite the all of the keys with that name. An append on the other hand will preserve the previous prameter. Append adds parameters without knowledge of the previous.

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